Bio Beauty Energy

Illness, smoking or too much sunshine lead to lack of oxygen in the skin as well as reduced defense mechanisms. The result is a tired, pale and flabby skin. Improve the oxygen content and regeneration mechanisms of your skin with Airnergy ...

Airnergy, a proven anti-aging oxygen and energy therapy from within

Airnergy is a medtech innovation and describes a newly developed natural healing process in the fields of complementary medicine and bionics.

The Airnergy process senses the process of photosynthesis for ATP, our cellular energy. Airnergy targets the decreasing oxygen supply of the cells during stress, illness and aging by revitalizing the cells. In a natural way, Airnergy promotes regeneration and well-being, health and beauty. Especially in the prevention and sports medicine as well as in the anti-aging show excellent results.


Already after the first application you will feel a holistic cell vitalisation. After a series of therapy, the skin is balanced and fresh, the skin is more elastic and the skin tissue denser. Inflammations and impurities are reduced.



The 4s! treatment concept

A symbiosis of alternative medicine and biotechnology, medical technology and cosmetics

The 4s! treatment concept is a holistic biological approach that works with the exogenous and endogenous factors involved in skin rejuvenation, and enhances your skin’s beauty from both inside and outside.

It allows internal imbalances to be corrected and remain stable over the longer term, and at the same time improves skin blemishes through professional treatments. We can tackle skin problems of every kind - and with a little patience, achieve lasting, radiantly beautiful skin.

The visible result: a slim, firm body and radiant, smooth skin