Nadellose Mesotherapie I Mesoporation
Schöne reife Frau nach Mesoporation

Rejuvenation with hyaluronic acid, vitamins and micronutrients

Mesoporation (needle-free mesotherapy) is one of the top wrinkle treatments. With the help of electrical impulses, the skin's own vital substances such as collagen and hyaluron, as well as vitamins, amino acids and peptides or minerals, are infiltrated / or infused deep into the skin. Mesoporation is a Nobel Prize-winning procedure that can be used in addition to all facial and body treatments.


Fine lines and wrinkles are padded out and smoothed. Pores look finer, the skin is soothed and the appearance of the skin is refreshed.


Vital substance mesoporation face - 50 min - CHF 230
Vital substance mesoporation face, neck & décolleté - 70 min - CHF 300
On-site mixed individual serum 15ml - CHF 60 (instead of CHF 95)
On-site mixed individual serum 30 ml - CHF 110 (instead of CHF 145)


Mesoporation was initially used primarily in the medical field

Due to increasing demand for efficient, non-invasive beauty procedures, "electro mesotherapy" is now also used by cosmeticians and achieves excellent skin rejuvenation and skin freshening results.

With mesoporation, small channels are temporarily created in the skin using electrical impulses, which serve to cleverly channel larger molecular substances through the skin barrier. This allows valuable, individually prepared active ingredient preparations consisting of natural and skin-specific growth factors, to be transported deep into the skin.


Frequently asked questions about mesoporation

Who is mesoporation suitable for?

This procedure is suitable for all ages, all skin types and all skin colors, and provides immediately visible and lasting results. Mesoporation is used for:
•    Wrinkle smoothing
•    Skin regeneration
•    Skin refreshment
•    Skin tightening
•    Skin rehydration

It can be used on the body in addition to anti-cellulite and skin tightening treatments, or to reduce stretch marks.

What happens during a mesoporation treatment?

After taking your medical history and doing a skin analysis, your skin is gently cleansed and any dead skin cells are removed. After a hyaluronic mask, your freshly prepared, skin type-specific individual serum is introduced into the deep layers of your skin by mesoporation. Physiological skin care products complete the treatment.

Tip: Oxygen and/or light therapies will further optimize the mesoporation by providing important regenerative energy from the inside. Please book these separately.

How long do the treatments take?

The mesoporation treatment lasts for between 50 and 70 minutes, depending on the treatment area. No preparations are necessary.

How many treatments are necessary for visible skin rejuvenation?

You’ll have a newly fresh complexion immediately after the first treatment. The skin feels smooth, firm and balanced. Depending on the condition of your skin, we recommend 6 treatments every 2 to 3 weeks for lasting results. The more treatments, the faster your skin will rejuvenate.

How can I maximize the treatment results?

In order to maintain the results of mesoporation for as long as possible, we recommend a monthly top-up treatment and an individually tailored skin care concept to use at home. As with all aesthetic treatments, you’ll get the best results by following a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Are there any side effects with mesoporation?

This procedure has no side effects and is absolutely painless. Only in the initial phase are there some reports of prickling sensations during the treatment. You can apply make-up afterwards as usual.