TriLipo™-RF & DMA
Schöne Frau mit straffer, glatter Haut

TriLipo™ radio frequency energy

Fat reduction, skin tightening and body shaping

TriLipo™ technology is the Rolls Royce of radio frequency treatments. The unique triple synergy of radio frequency energy, DMA (dynamic muscle activation) muscle energy, and lymphatic massage simultaneously stimulates the dermis, fat and muscle layers. This leads to improved collagen-elastin synthesis, with fat cells emptied and the tissues compressed. The treatment is non-invasive and painless. Clinical studies confirm its effectiveness.


Impressive results are achieved for fat loss, tissue tightening and body shaping. Pregnancy stretch marks are also visibly reduced.


Zone S: tightening hands or lower abdomen - 20 min - CHF 150
Zone M: tightening upper arms, abdomen or buttocks - 35 min - CHF 220
Zone L: tightening of thighs or flanks - 50 min - CHF 290
6- or 10- session package - 10% or 15% discount