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Cryolipolysis belly
patient with cryolipolysis on belly

Fat removal by freezing

Cryolipolysis is the most effective non-invasive method available for permanent reduction of unwanted fat deposits through freezing. The use of freezing technology for selective fat cell reduction is based on the fact that fat cells react more sensitively than other tissue structures to cold stimuli. Worldwide studies have delivered impressive results.


In 8 to 12 weeks fat tissue reduces up to 30% in the treatment area.  This fat reduction looks natural and positive side effects, such as tighter skin and cellulite reduction, often occur.


Single area incl. 2x shockwave therapy - 80 min - CHF 390
Double area incl. 2x shockwave therapy - 90 min CHF 590
Single area: abdomen - Double area: arms, legs, knees, flanks
3-session package for best results - 10% discount


Reducing the fat belt around the abdomen ( belly fat )

The problem zone no. 1 is the abdominal fat - for both women and men. The belly is the easiest to treat zone with the highest success rate, if the belly fat meets the requirements for cryolipolysis treatment.  Customers often reduce their clothing size by 1-2 sizes.

We also treat the so-called Love Handles (hip bacon), the lateral flanks, upper arms, inner thighs and the inner sides of the knees very popularly and successfully. Here, too, our customers always give positive feedback that their "old" favourite trousers and dresses fit again.

Original CoolShaping V2 Cryolipolysis

The worldwide studies on this treatment that are most often cited were conducted using CoolSculpting or CoolShaping equipment. These achieved excellent results. CoolShaping V2:

> Controls the cold temperature as precisely as a Swiss watch and does not emit any noise
>  Works with different-sized hi-tech treatment heads equipped with a unique cooling technology for both constant and pulsating modes
>  Avoids freeze burns due to superior tear-resistant cold protection membranes and excellent silicone protection
>  Can work simultaneously on the body with one or two hi-tech treatment heads of different sizes
>  Treats almost painlessly (even in pain-sensitive areas such as the inner thigh, upper arm, upper abdomen, male breasts) and can be adjusted at any time during treatment using the vacuum pressure
>  Provides incomparably even and noticeably deep cooling while simultaneously protecting the epidermis from strong contact cooling
>  Protects the skin and surrounding tissue

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Frequently asked questions about cryolipolysis

What happens during cryolipolysis treatment?

After taking a medical history and documenting the treatment area, the tissue is loosened with a shockwave and prepared for treatment. A freeze-protection membrane is placed under the treatment head. A gently pulsating vacuum pulls the skin tissue into the treatment head and onto cooling panels on both sides. The treatment head delivers controlled cold via the skin surface to the unwanted fatty tissue for 60 minutes. The treatment temperature is 0 to -10 °C depending on the fatty tissue, and is almost painless.

What does cryolipolysis actually mean?

The term cryolipolysis consists of the ancient Greek syllables kryos = frost, lipa = fat, and lysis = dissolution.

How are the fat cells broken down by cryolipolysis?

The controlled release of cold into the fatty tissue causes irreversible inflammation of the fat cells, leading to apoptosis, or cell self-destruction. The inflamed fat cells die and are degraded and metabolized by the body's own defense mechanisms. Sometimes a slight discoloration of the urine makes this process visible. The entire process includes tissue remodelling, which can take up to 6 months.

Is cryolipolysis suitable for everyone?

Cryolipolysis is particularly suitable for healthy people with diet- and sports-resistant fat pads. In the case of obesity, we do not use cryolipolysis, but first clarify the cause of the obesity. 

How long do the treatments take?

A 30-minute medical history is taken first, and your suitability for cryolipolysis is clarified. The treatment itself takes approx. 80 minutes, including a preparatory 10 minutes of shockwave therapy, the marking of the treatment areas, and then 60 minutes of cryolipolysis. During the treatment you can read, use your pc or ipad, etc. After approx. 8 to 12 weeks, you will have a check-up examination to document the treatment results.

How many cryolipolysis sessions are needed for good results?

Based on worldwide studies, we recommend an average of 2 to 3 sessions per area. In individual cases, however, it may be different. Fatty tissue behaves differently, depending on the body area. For example, cryolipolysis may be successful on the thighs, with up to 30% of fat cells frozen away, while having less effect on the abdomen. Or the other way around. Once we have taken your medical history, based on the tissue involved we can estimate how many sessions will be needed.

What do I need for a cryolipolysis session?

It is advisable to wear comfortable clothes and go to the toilet before the treatment. If you have an irritable cough or a cold, bring the appropriate medication with you.

What should I watch out for after cryolipolysis?

After a treatment you can immediately go back to work or do exercise. You must avoid saunas and the sun until any redness, bruising or swelling has disappeared.

How can I maintain the results?

You can accelerate the breakdown of the fat cells by activating your metabolism, paying attention to a controlled calorie intake, and taking plenty of exercise. As with all aesthetic treatments, you’ll get the best results by following a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Are there any side effects with CoolShaping cryolipolysis?

Due to the vacuum pressure, temporary pigment shifts or, depending on the connective tissue, bruising (haematomas) are possible. These fade within days, however. In rare cases, temporary swelling and pressure sensitivities may occur, which indicate inflammation of the fatty tissue and disappear within a few weeks. All in all, this is a procedure with very few side effects and little pain.

If you have any further questions regarding cryolipolysis, please contact us by telephone or email.