TriLipo™ radio frequency energy

TriLipo™-RF & DMA
Radiofrequenz Behandlung

Fat reduction, skin tightening and body shaping

TriLipo™ technology is the Rolls Royce of radio frequency treatments. The unique triple synergy of radio frequency energy, DMA (dynamic muscle activation) muscle energy, and lymphatic massage simultaneously stimulates the dermis, fat and muscle layers. This leads to improved collagen-elastin synthesis, with fat cells emptied and the tissues compressed. The treatment is non-invasive and painless. Clinical studies confirm its effectiveness.


Impressive results are achieved for fat loss, tissue tightening and body shaping. Pregnancy stretch marks are also visibly reduced.


Zone S: tightening hands or lower abdomen - 20 min - CHF 150
Zone M: tightening upper arms, abdomen or buttocks - 35 min - CHF 220
Zone L: tightening of thighs or flanks - 50 min - CHF 290
6- or 10- session package - 10% or 15% discount


Pollogen Maximus gentle Thermage technology

The Maximus unit made by Pollogen is the Rolls Royce among radio frequency devices used in non-invasive aesthetic medicine. The so-called Thermage procedure is the world's leading safe skin-tightening treatment. It gently treats all four skin layers down to the subcutaneous fatty tissue, and achieves the best results.

The triple benefit synergy of the Maximus is based on three different procedures:

1.)    Tripolar radio frequency energy improves collagen-elastin synthesis, compresses the tissue and tightens the skin; fat cells are emptied and blood circulation and oxygen supply in the tissue are improved

2.)    DMA derived muscle energy trains the muscles, whose contractions remove the released fat. In addition, fat cells are purified and muscle connective tissue is activated

3.)    Lymphatic massage intensifies the treatment, activates the lymph system and supports the drainage of the liquefied fat through mechanical pressure.

The procedure is non-invasive, painless and without side effects.


Frequently asked questions about skin tightening with TriLipo™ radio frequency energy

What happens during a skin tightening treatment with radio frequency energy?

After taking your medical history, a heat-conducting gel is applied to the treatment zone and the tissue is gently massaged with the handpiece and deep heated. At the same time, the muscle layer is stimulated with electrical impulses. During the treatment, the temperature is regularly controlled and the settings adjusted.

Is radio frequency treatment suitable for everyone?

Skin tightening with radio frequency energy is suitable for all healthy people with specific figure problems. We would only recommend against treatment if there are metal implants in the treatment area, or if you have heat sensitivities.

How long does the radio frequency treatment take?

The treatments are fast and do not interfere with your everyday life. Each treatment takes between 20 and 50 minutes, depending on the treatment area. No preparations are necessary.

How many treatments are necessary for visible results?

Immediately after the first radio frequency treatment the skin appears denser, more elastic and firmer. For lasting results, we recommend a series of 6 to 10 treatments every 1 to 2 weeks.

How can I maintain the results as long as possible?

We recommend a monthly top-up treatment in the fall/winter. As with all aesthetic treatments, you’ll get the best results by following a healthy diet and lifestyle. We’d be glad to help you with this.

Are there any side effects with the TriLipo™ radio frequency treatment?

Side effects such as prolonged redness or skin tingling are rare and disappear quickly; they may occur during treatment or immediately afterwards. In case of prolonged side effects, please contact us.