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Airnergy oxygen therapy

Anti-Aging Sauerstofftherapie

The Airnergy therapy for anti-aging from within

Airnergy is a naturopathic treatment used in complementary medicine. The Airnergy procedure is comparable with the energy production of plants by photosynthesis. The additional cell energy gained by Airnergy compensates for any decreased oxygen supply to the cells due to stress, illness, or increased age. In short: the cells are revitalized.


Airnergy promotes regeneration, well-being, health and beauty in a natural way. Excellent results have been achieved, especially in preventive- and sports medicine, as well as anti-aging.


Airnergy oxygen therapy - 20 min - CHF 40
12-session package - 15% discount


Frequently asked questions about Airnergy oxygen therapy

What happens during an Airnergy oxygen treatment?

Several times a week (ideally daily) for 20 minutes, you use light breathing goggles / or mask to breathe in "living air" that has been freshly prepared in the Airnergy device using a patented process. No preparation or follow-up treatment is required. You come in, breathe, and leave - freshly refuelled and ready to take up your normal activities.

How long does the oxygen therapy take?

Each session takes 20 to 40 minutes and should be performed at least once a week for 12 weeks.

How many sessions are necessary for visible results?

In order to have a positive and lasting influence on skin regeneration, we recommend a series of 12 treatments. In general, regular sessions measurably improve the ability of the vegetative nervous system to regulate itself over the long term, which optimizes energy production, regeneration and repair processes.

Are there any side effects with Airnergy therapy?

There are no known contraindications or undesirable side effects. It is possible that slight initial reactions, such as short-term fatigue or very rarely mild diarrhoea may occur at the beginning of the therapy. These are positive signs that the organism is regenerating and regulating itself.