Bioptron light therapy

sauerstoff und lichttherapien

Beauty and well-being from within

Heliotherapy was the first natural light therapy developed by ancient medicine, which was used to prevent and cure various medical conditions. Today, Bioptron is the world market leader in medical light therapy, and its units are used in numerous beauty and anti-aging clinics worldwide.


Regular sessions result in firmer, more even and more resistant skin. Skin impurities, including acne, are significantly reduced.


Bioptron light therapy - 10min - CHF 25
12-session package - 15% discount


Sonnenlicht ohne schädliches UV

The medically effective light source emits sunlight with a controlled intensity and light spectrum, but without harmful UV radiation. The light stimulates all the processes involved in skin regeneration in the dermis and subcutis: from accelerated wound healing and anti-inflammatory action, to increased collagen-elastin synthesis as part of anti-aging therapies


Frequently asked questions about Bioptron light therapy

What happens during light therapy?

Depending on the treatment plan and your requirements, light therapy can be used alone or along with other treatments.

How long do light therapy sessions take?

One session takes 10 minutes, and should be performed daily for 14 days, but at least 3 times a week for 4 weeks.

How many sessions are necessary for visible results?

We recommend a series of 12 light therapies in order to positively influence skin regeneration in a lasting way. Regular sessions treat skin problems and achieve a lasting anti-aging effect.

Are there any side effects with Airnergy therapy?

There are no known side effects.