Permanent Hair Removal

Smooth skin with no more ingrown hairs

Permanent hair removal can only be achieved using an excellent technique and good therapy. We have many satisfied customers, some of whom came especially from abroad for our treatments, who are proof of their effectiveness.


After 6 to 8 treatments you’ll have permanently hair-free, smooth and even skin - and no more ingrown hairs.


Zone XS: abdominal line, upper lip - 10 min - CHF 90
Zone S: armpit, chin, bikini zone - 15 min - CHF 130
Zone M: upper arms, lower arms - 30 min - CHF 210
Zone L: lower leg, thigh - 45 min - CHF 300
Zone XL: legs complete - 85 min - CHF 530
6-session package - 10%
8-session package - 15%
From the 10th treatment - 50%

Energist Ultra VPL™ System

The world-famous patented VPL "Variable Pulsed Light" (which is the professional type of IPL) technology from UltraPlus offers optimal treatment options for various conditions using variable light pulses that can be adjusted in terms of their number, length, frequency and color spectrum.

UltraPlus treatments are particularly safe and efficient thanks to a special water filter that filters out harmful parts of the infrared range. Various handpieces with different application options are available. Thus the system can be adapted to individual needs.

The Energist Ultra VPL™ system is one of the world's best devices for lasting depilation. It delivers outstanding results, maximum safety and optimum comfort, as proven in long-term studies and clinical tests.

To successfully achieve permanent hair removal with VPL you need to have a skin type from 1 to 3, with darker hair.



Frequently asked questions about permanent hair removal

How does permanent hair removal work?

Any existing hair is removed in advance by shaving. An ultrasound gel is applied to the area to be depilated, and you are treated according to specific parameters adjusted to your hair color and skin type. The skin is cooled during the therapy so that skin irritations are minimized. After the treatment you can continue your activities as usual.

What do I have to consider during permanent hair removal?

VPL technology reacts to pigments, so for successful permanent hair removal, dark points where the hair emerges from the skin must be visible. Hair stubble of max. 1.5 mm is acceptable.

How long does it take for permanent hair removal to take effect?

Depending on the hair removal area, it takes 2 to 4 weeks for the hair to fall out by itself. The hair roots are already dead, but the hairs are still deep in the skin and only push slowly to the surface where they then fall out. Pubic hair, for example, is deeply anchored in the skin and takes 3 to 5 weeks to fall out. Until then you can continue to shave the area.

How many treatments are necessary for visible results?

Depending on the color and type of hair and the treatment area, it takes between 6 and 8 sessions at intervals of about 6 to 8 weeks for complete and permanent hair removal. This is due to the resting and growth cycles of the hair follicles deep in the skin. Since the follicles can only be treated during a growth phase, at least 6 sessions are necessary to achieve complete hair removal, depending on hair density.

Are there any side effects of permanent hair removal?

Immediately after the treatment the skin may be reddened. This redness usually disappears within a day. However, you should not sunbathe for at least 3 days.

Is the Energist Ultra VPL successful for all customers?

Successful permanently removed body hair with VPL depends on various parameters: skin pigmentation, the thickness and color of the hair, the depth of the hair root, the number of hairs in the growth phase, and genetic or hormonal changes to hair growth. Even under optimal conditions, more than 8 treatments with VPL may be necessary, and in very rare individual cases, the treatment may not be completely successful.