VPL Pigmentstörungen

Pigment disorders

Impulse light perfectly removes of pigment spots

Pigment spots consist of melanin, a pigment formed by specialized skin cells in order to protect the skin during sunbathing/ suntanning. Pigment spots are often caused by higher melanin formation in the epidermis as a result of increased UV radiation.


After 4 to 5 months the pigment disorders are significantly reduced. With proper care, this result can last for several years.

VPL Couperose

VPL couperose and rosacea

Couperosis is a congenital enlargement of the smallest blood vessels in the face or décolleté. It is sometimes a precursor of rosacea, a skin disease similar to acne, but with different causes. In addition to drug treatment options, obliteration or sclerotherapy of the fine red capillary vessels just below the skin surface using VPL technology, can be very successful.


Couperose skin fades increasingly during the treatment period. The final result is visible after a few months, depending on the individual metabolism.


VPL whole face - 30 min - CHF 190
VPL face small zone - 15 min - CHF 120