Acne Treatment

Acne is one of the most common skin problems

Most sebaceous glands are found on the face, scalp, or upper body, which is why acne occurs most frequently here. Acne is often accompanied by inflammation and reddened skin swellings. VPL (variable pulsed light) can reduce inflammations and redness and significantly improve the appearance of scars.


VPL whole face - 30 min - CHF 190
VPL face small zone - 15 min - CHF 120
VPL back - 45 min - CHF 280
VPL neckline - 30 min - CHF 190

The causes of acne

Increased sebum production plays an important role in the development of acne. When sebum can flow away unhindered, only shiny skin appears. However, if the sebaceous gland duct is blocked by skin particles due to a hard skin disorder, the sebaceous gland outlet and the surrounding skin on the uppermost skin layer stick together. The accumulated sebum forms an optimal culture medium for bacteria, which leads to inflammation of the affected skin area. Blackheads or inflamed pimples develop.

The treatment of acne requires discipline and patience

Acne is a skin disease that cannot be healed by a single treatment. A balanced lifestyle, discipline, and a lot of patience are essential to achieving lasting success. Depending on the severity and cause of the acne, there are different therapeutic approaches, which are often combined with each other. Starting with a computer- and questionnaire-based analysis of the condition of your skin, we offer professional deep cleansing, light and oxygen therapies, and customized skin care products, as well as supportive orthomolecular nutritional supplements and help with dietary changes.

We will be glad to determine an individual treatment plan for you in a personal consultation.