Pigment disorders

VPL Pigmentstörungen

Impulse light perfectly removes of pigment spots

Pigment spots consist of melanin, a pigment formed by specialized skin cells in order to protect the skin during sunbathing/ suntanning. Pigment spots are often caused by higher melanin formation in the epidermis as a result of increased UV radiation.


After 4 to 5 months the pigment disorders are significantly reduced. With proper care, this result can last for several years.


Frequently asked questions about VPL pigment disorder treatment

What happens during the treatment?

After taking your medical history, the skin area is cleansed, ultrasound gel is applied, and your skin is treated with an impulse light device specifically adjusted to your hair color and skin type. As the light is only converted into heat in skin cells rich in pigment, the therapy is targeted and gentle on the surrounding tissues. Skin cooling during the treatment minimizes skin irritations.

How long do the treatments take?

Depending on the treatment area, the actual treatment time per session is 10 to 20 minutes.

How many treatments are necessary for visible results?

The number of sessions required depends on the size and number of pigment spots.

Are there any side effects?

Immediately after the treatment, the skin may be slightly reddened. This redness disappears within a few hours. As the destroyed skin is rejected, some scabs may form and the skin may darken, but this will quickly normalize. After this procedure, you should avoid being in the sun or straining the skin through sport or taking saunas.