Back - neck massage

Relieves muscular tension

Relieves tension with targeted pressure mainly on the back and neck. The massage loosens the tissue, releases muscular tensions, removes waste products and creates a pleasant flow of life energy.

50 min. - CHF 140

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Therapeutic massage

Soothing, revitalizing full body massage

Treats the entire body and has a beneficial effect on the entire organism. Various techniques loosen tensions, strengthen the musculature and blood circulation in the connective tissue. Tailored to the respective needs.

50 / 75 min. - CHF 140 / 210

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Foot reflexology massage

Activates organs and relaxes body & mind

In this massage technique, reflex zones on the soles of the feet activate the organs. Body and mind achieve full relaxation

50 min. / CHF 140

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Aromatherapy massage

Relaxing massage with natural fragrance oils

Here you can choose from a variety of natural and aromatic oils for a gentle massage. Through the integration of the smell sense it is possible to increase the deep relaxation and last longer.

50 / 75 min. - CHF 150 / 220


Hot Stone Massage

Wellness massage with hot lava stones

This wellness treatment with volcanic stones from Hawaii increases the positive energy and brings body, mind and soul in harmony. Through the Hot Stone Massage you will reach a state of deep relaxation and achieve a high degree of well-being.

50 / 75 min. - CHF 150 / 220


Cold Stone Massage

Refreshing massage with cold marble stones

This refreshing massage is performed on the back and neck with cold marble stones. The massage is performed alternately with hands and stones. The microcirculation is stimulated and the skin is tightened. In addition, it has a very refreshing effect at warm temperatures.

25 min - CHF 80


Hot and Cold Stone Massage

Full body massage that activates the energy flow

The Hot & Cold Stone massage is a fascinating combination of full body massage and energy work. The body is anointed with preheated oils and massaged with approx. 60° warm basalt stones, occasionally activated with cold marble stones. This increases the blood circulation and strengthens the veins

50 / 75 min. - CHF 150 / 220


Tibetan honey massage

Traditional Tibetan detoxification massage

Honey massage is the heritage of traditional Russian-Tibetan medicine. By massaging the reflex zones of the back with honey, the organ and excretory functions are stimulated and strengthened, and the immune system is activated. The massage dissolves and releases toxins and waste products.

50 min / CHF 150


Herbal compress massage

Full body massage with hot herbal oils

The whole body is embalmed and massaged with specially made herbal compresses, which are heated in oil. The body regenerates, tensions and blockages are released. The heat opens the skin pores and the essential oils can penetrate into deeper layers.

50 / 75 min. - CHF 150 / 220


Lava Shell Massage

Exotic massage with warm Venus shells

The warmth of the genuine South Pacific clams can relieve any muscle tension and relax the body. Different techniques are used so that even deeper muscle areas can be treated. The warm and smooth Venus shells are moved over the body with different pressures.

50 / 75 min. - CHF 150 / 220