Airnergy - energy oxygen technology

The innovation of the century in alternative medicine

State-of-the-art biotechnology enabled engineers at Airnergy to map the photosynthesis process.

Simply explained, via a complex patented mechanism the oxygen molecules in the air we breathe are excited via a biocatalyst and transported to a higher energy state.


Bioptron Technology

Sunlight without UV radiation

Bioptron offers a breakthrough in the field of healing through light, based on technology that was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1903. Biopton light is a patented, medically certified Swiss development offering safe and efficient medical treatments used in the areas of health, beauty and well-being.


Mesoporation - Needle-free mesotherapy

Nobel Prize-winning technology

Mesoporation is also called electroporation. Electromagnetic radio waves generate vibrations in the tissue that ensure that the protein channel in the cell wall opens for a few milliseconds. This allows active substances to penetrate to the deeper skin layers where cell growth and regeneration take place.



Clinically proven freezing technology

Cryoliolysis is the use of targeted, tissue freezing technology for the selective reduction of unwanted fat deposits. It is well-established as a safe and effective method of non-invasive fat reduction. The method is based on experimental work and clinical research.


Microdermabrasion MDA

Skin abrasion using diamond crystals

Microdermabrasion (MDA) is a process for the controlled mechanical removal of the upper skin layers with small grinding crystals but without chemical agents. An attachment coated with diamond dust, in the case of diamond MDA, is guided over the skin using vacuum suction, while at the same time the removed horny cells are sucked off by the vacuum.


Radio frequency energy & dynamic muscle activation

TriLipo™ dual technology

TriLipo™ dual technology combines radio frequency energy with dynamic muscle activation, which simultaneously act on the epidermis, dermis and subcutis (fat) as well as on the muscle layer. This results in a triple effect: deep volumetric warming, internal muscle contraction, and external mechanical pressure, which together result in maximum fat removal along with lymphatic drainage and intensive skin tightening.


Radial shockwaves

A therapeutically effective anti-cellulite method

Using shockwaves on the tissues stimulates the cells, so that cell wall permeability and the release of free fatty acids and glycerol are increased. The metabolic products accumulate in the intercellular spaces and are regularly removed by the lymph system and blood circulation. Shockwaves improve tissue metabolism and accelerate the transport of metabolic products to the liver, where they are converted by energy metabolism.


VPL technology

Medical flash lamp therapy

VPL (variable pulsed light) technology is based on using high-energy pulses of light, which are controlled by computer technology. This allows their energy density, light filtering, pulse lengths and intervals, for example, to be adapted to the individual situation. VPL pulse light penetrates the skin but is only absorbed by pigmented structures such as hair or visible veins.


Hydra Beauty Facial Process


The Hydra Facial process integrates four innovative technologies within one treatment and is essential among long-lasting anti-aging treatments.
Patented vortex vacuum technology achieves excellent results through simultaneous cleaning, peeling, extraction and hydration.