Airnergy - energy oxygen technology

The innovation of the century in alternative medicine

State-of-the-art biotechnology enabled engineers at Airnergy to map the photosynthesis process.

Simply explained, via a complex patented mechanism the oxygen molecules in the air we breathe are excited via a biocatalyst and transported to a higher energy state.

This high-energy state is not stable, as the oxygen falls back to its original low-energy level, and while doing so it emits energy in the form of tiny energy particles known as bio-photons.

This process takes place constantly, so that a large amount of additional bio-energy is generated. This bio-energy is inhaled via humidity in the air (transported via hydrogen bonds) and is distributed around the body via the blood cells (haemoglobin).

Numerous scientific, clinical and alternative medicine studies worldwide confirm the increase in oxygen availability and oxygen utilization in the body‘s cells. The skin in particular needs sufficient oxygen for collagen-elastin synthesis, but is often undersupplied for various reasons. This undersupply of oxygen is reflected in reduced skin density, skin elasticity and skin sensitivity.

Simplified procedure

Airnergy device is on, but still in inactive mode.

Breathing air is sucked through a bacterial and dust filter into the device.




Through a process based on photosynthesis (chemiluminescence = intense light with a special wavelength), the air is passed over Airnergy catalysts and flows through the water for humidification. The humidified air repeatedly flows over Airnergy catalysts in which the oxygen content is always energetically activated, i. the non-reactive triplet state of the atmospheric oxygen is converted to the singlet reactive state. Within <0.23 msec. the oxygen falls back into its triplet ground state.
This interplay is repeated many times per oxygen molecule. The energy released by the return to the ground state (biophotons) is absorbed by the water molecules in the air, which are outstanding quenchers of activated oxygen. The energy goes directly to the water molecules. The air moistened with water in the respirator now flows through the stainless steel nozzle on the front of the device into the breathing goggles.


There are a number of scientific studies, medical papers and user reports dealing with the effects of Airnergy oxygen therapy. You can find more information on the Airnergy Website