Bioptron Technology

Biopton Lichttechnologie

Sunlight without UV radiation

Bioptron offers a breakthrough in the field of healing through light, based on technology that was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1903. Biopton light is a patented, medically certified Swiss development offering safe and efficient medical treatments used in the areas of health, beauty and well-being.

Linear polarised light through Brewster reflection

The light penetrates optimally into the skin layers, stimulating the immune system and thus accelerating healing processes.

Polychrome light in different colors between 480-3400nm

The light contains the complete color spectrum of visible light plus an infrared part, but without any UV. The different wavelengths of light penetrate different skin depths, activate cells, accelerate blood circulation and stimulate the entire regeneration process in the body.

Incoherent light

This contributes to faster, safer, pain-free healing.

Low-energy light

With an exact dosage of 2.4J/cm2 per minute, the natural healing process is stimulated.