Funktionsweise der Kryolipolyse

Clinically proven freezing technology

Cryoliolysis is the use of targeted, tissue freezing technology for the selective reduction of unwanted fat deposits. It is well-established as a safe and effective method of non-invasive fat reduction. The method is based on experimental work and clinical research.

Cryolipolysis is based on the observation that freezing leads to a reduction in volume of subcutaneous fat tissue, while causing no skin damage. Freezing causes fat cells to die (apoptosis). This phenomenon was first published in 1941 in the medical literature.

How it works

The Coolshaping handpiece is placed on the target area and starts cooling, which allows the cells to undergo apoptosis

The fat cells in the target area begin to react to the cold

After the treatment the fat cells die and are metabolized and excreted in a natural way

Final results are seen after approx. 90 days, when many of the fat cells that have died through controlled cell death have now been removed.