Radial shockwaves

Radiale Stosswelle

A therapeutically effective anti-cellulite method

Using shockwaves on the tissues stimulates the cells, so that cell wall permeability and the release of free fatty acids and glycerol are increased. The metabolic products accumulate in the intercellular spaces and are regularly removed by the lymph system and blood circulation. Shockwaves improve tissue metabolism and accelerate the transport of metabolic products to the liver, where they are converted by energy metabolism.

This additionally released energy must be reduced through slight adaptations to dietary habits, more exercise, and ample fluid intake.

Before shockwave therapy

Enlarged fat cells bulge upwards towards the skin surface, giving the skin the typical orange peel appearance. The inelastic vertical connective tissue fibers do not stretch along with the surrounding adipose tissue, which leads to undesirable dimpling. Local blood circulation is significantly reduced.

During shockwave therapy

Oscillating shockwaves are introduced into the body. The connective tissue relaxes, and the firmness of the epidermis increases. Blood circulation in the tissue is significantly enhanced. Collagen production is stimulated, strengthening the dermis and epidermis.

After shockwave therapy

The results of the treatment are improved firmness and restored natural elasticity of the skin and connective tissues, along with a visible and long-lasting improvement in skin texture.