VPL technology


Medical flash lamp therapy

VPL (variable pulsed light) technology is based on using high-energy pulses of light, which are controlled by computer technology. This allows their energy density, light filtering, pulse lengths and intervals, for example, to be adapted to the individual situation. VPL pulse light penetrates the skin but is only absorbed by pigmented structures such as hair or visible veins.

The energy released during absorption leads to the destruction of these structures, i.e. the hair follicle or the hemoglobin accumulated in veins. The success of the treatment therefore depends to a large extent on the pigmentation of the hair and skin. The darker the hair, the more light it absorbs, the more heat it releases, and the more lastingly the hair roots are damaged.

The latest-generation VPL flash lamp is a versatile and safe lighting system for long-term removal of unwanted hair, cosmetic skin rejuvenation, the treatment of fine pigment irregularities, and the removal of small veins.

The difference between VPL technology and laser and IPL devices

Lasers use light in only one wavelength, whereas VPL technology uses different wavelengths. Since VPL radiation is only converted into heat in pigment-rich cells in the skin, the therapy is very targeted and the thermal damage to the surrounding tissues is low.
VPL flash lamps are professional medical devices that differ significantly from IPL (intense pulsed light) devices as they perform better, have more power, and are more versatile.