What is Anti Aging?

When you talk about anti-aging, you should use more than a few anti-wrinkle creams. In recent years, something like a preventive medicine has developed in the field of anti-aging, which is also used in the Beauty Clinic, for example in Zurich, Bahnhofplatz, Bahnhofstrasse, Kreis1 or Hauptbahnhof. Anti-aging medicine is very often regarded as a lifestyle medicine that is used as a miracle weapon against wrinkles and is supposed to ensure eternal youth through hormone cocktails. But this would wrongly put the term anti-aging in a bad light. First and foremost, anti-aging means keeping the body healthy and thus slowing down aging, wear and tear and degradation processes. And this is certainly a positive aspect, which can be of use.

At what age does anti-aging become an issue?

Anti aging can become a topic relatively early on. Typical signs of aging where anti-aging can be useful are manifold and can occur as early as the middle of 30. These can be grey hair, wrinkles and cellulite. Well, these points are not bad now, but for many people they are simply annoying and then they deal intensively with the subject of anti aging. In addition to the above-mentioned signs of aging, which can all be described as harmless, there can also be immune deficiencies, depression, libido and potency disorders or diseases such as osteoarthritis, diabetes or memory disorders. And then the topic Anti Aging or Anti Aging medicine is seen with completely different eyes. But most people are looking for a programme or treatment for anti-aging, for example in a beauty clinic in Zurich, Bahnhofplatz, Bahnhofstrasse, Kreis1 or Hauptbahnhof, to do something about skin ageing.

Stopping the aging process with anti aging

The desire to halt or even reverse the aging process is probably as old as humanity itself. Every breath, every digestive process, every heartbeat and every operation leave traces on and in the body. Growing old is therefore synonymous with the increasing loss of physical and mental abilities. It is obvious that this process is different for each person. Exactly this process defines the biological age. Anti-aging always begins with the personal lifestyle. A balanced diet and sufficient exercise are the basis of a healthy lifestyle, as the specialist at the Beauty Clinic in Zurich, Bahnhofplatz, Bahnhofstrasse, Kreis1 or Hauptbahnhof explains. The avoidance of overweight and a sufficient supply of micronutrients are of fundamental importance for healthy ageing and important for anti-aging. Many studies show that regular exercise can prevent cardiovascular diseases, osteoporosis and dementia. This also includes avoiding risk factors such as smoking or alcohol, excessive sunlight or electromagnetic influences such as from mobile phones. However, factors such as stress and conflict also play a major role in anti-aging and can accelerate the aging process. Anti-aging is therefore a complex topic.

Anti aging from within

Slack skin and wrinkles do not appear directly on the upper skin layer, but immediately fall into the eye. In addition, the skin is able to absorb care products via the outer layers, which penetrate into the deeper layers. Anti-aging from the inside is therefore an important topic at the Beauty Clinic in Zurich, Bahnhofplatz, Bahnhofstrasse, Kreis1 or Hauptbahnhof. Combined with external applications, this can quickly lead to success in the area of anti-aging. But more must be done for successful anti-aging. Anti aging begins with thorough cleansing of the skin to free it of the day's harmful residues, stimulate blood circulation and make it receptive to high-quality caring substances. It is therefore not enough just to register for an anti-aging treatment, for example at a beauty clinic in Zurich, Bahnhofplatz, Bahnhofstrasse, Kreis1 or Hauptbahnhof, but it is also necessary to actively contribute to the success of anti-aging.

Spider veins

What are spider veins?

Spider veins are caused by problems with the veins and are widespread. Almost every second woman knows the small and unsightly veins, mostly on the outer sides of the thighs. Men are much less affected than women. Spider veins, which are also called spider veins, spread under the skin like a kind of brush broom and therefore bear their name. Medicine, for example in a beauty clinic in Zurich, Bahnhofsplatz, Bahnhofstrasse, Hauptbahnhof or Kreis1, offers those affected various treatment options to eliminate the blemishes of spider veins. There are also methods to prevent spider veins from developing in the first place.

What are the causes of spider veins?

Spider veins can develop when the blood in the veins accumulates because the venous valves no longer function properly or are overloaded. This causes them to become flaccid and visible under the skin in the form of thin blue-red branches. The development of spider veins is primarily hereditary. In addition, spider veins can form as a result of the action of female sex hormones. The estrogen causes the vessel walls to sag. In this case, taking the contraceptive pill, especially in women older than 30 years, is particularly dangerous. Pregnancy also promotes the sagging of the veins. But it is not only women who are at risk of getting spider veins. People who are overweight are also at risk of getting spider veins. In addition, the development of spider veins is promoted by too much standing or sitting activity, especially at work, and by a general lack of exercise. The interaction between muscle pumps and venous valves is disturbed by too much standing or sitting activity in such a way that the blood cannot be transported from the veins to the heart and always migrates back into the veins and wear out their walls. Smokers must also reckon with getting spider veins, as smoking does not exactly promote vein health, as the specialist from Zurich, Bahnhofsplatz, Bahnhofstrasse, Hauptbahnhof or Kreis1 points out.

How can spider veins be treated?

The removal of spider veins is not absolutely necessary from a medical point of view, as they are considered harmless. However, those who wish to have the blemish removed for aesthetic reasons have the option of having their veins desolated by a specialist, for example in Zurich, Bahnhofsplatz, Bahnhofstrasse, Hauptbahnhof or Kreis1, or of undergoing laser treatment there. Especially for larger spider veins, which consist of both large and medium-sized as well as very fine veins, a combination of both treatment options is used. The treatment of spider veins is carried out by experienced experts such as in a beauty clinic in Zurich, Bahnhofsplatz, Bahnhofstrasse, Hauptbahnhof or Kreis1.

Laser treatment for small spider veins

Laser treatment is used in particular for vessels that are very fine and therefore too small to be soiled. In this method, a laser is guided along the affected areas. This laser releases a certain amount of energy when punctured. The red blood pigment in the vessel absorbs the energy emitted, causing damage to the vein walls. This damage results in the death of the vein. Since the treatment of spider veins with the laser, for example in Zurich, Bahnhofsplatz, Bahnhofstrasse, Hauptbahnhof or Kreis1, is more gentle than the desertification, it is not necessary to wear compression stockings after the procedure. In addition, the side effects are less severe than with desolation. As a rule, the skin only shows redness, which subsides after a while.